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My children enjoy the small classroom size and the large amount of love they receive from their teachers and classmates!

-The Paddock Family


This school has been welcoming since the beginning and strives to make my child the best she can be.  OLMC is a family because when you need something, they are there for you!

-The Gilhuly Family


While on a field trip in Boston with the Middle School, I witnessed something impressive.  As our group rounded a corner on the Freedom Trail, we passed a sleeping man who held a sign that read “homeless veteran.”  Three of our students stopped and left their own money with the veteran.  I was struck by the compassion and humility of our special children at OLMC.

-Mary Baez, Building Substitute and Hot Lunch Facilitator


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Great education!  Staff that truly cares about each student and their success.  Family environment and values.  Safe.  Positive.

-The Fuerstenberg Family


We chose OLMC for our family because we wanted our children to have a Catholic foundation to help guide them in life.

-The Flores Family


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We chose OLMC for the small, family feel that the school offers.  The staff is loving, patient, kind, and encouraging to not only my child, but to me as well.  God puts people in your life at the right time.  I firmly believe that it is the love and understanding that my child is shown by staff and students alike that makes her stronger.

-The Hendricks Family


At OLMC, each student is nurtured to be proud of themselves as the unique individuals that they are.  As a result, the children are compassionate, accepting, strong, and driven!

-The Skitromo Family


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