Our Lady of Mount Carmel Pre-K 4


Alison Julius, Pre-K 4 Teacher   Email: alison.julius@olmcmeriden.com  

What We Do in Pre-K 4 

Free Play

Circle Time

Arts and Crafts

Daily Snack and Lunch (provided by parent)

Recess Rest time (mat and blanket provided)

Gym, Music, Library and Art

Small Group Activities

Weekly Reader

Reading and Math Readiness Activities


Show and Tell

Monthly Calendar


Reading Readiness Program: ‘Happily Ever After’

• Teaches a rich curriculum of early literacy skills
• Story and structure appreciation
• Print and book awareness
• Letter recognition and naming
• Auditory discrimination
• Phonological and phonemic awareness
• Listening and direction following
• Fine motor skills
• Recognizing colors and shapes
• Oral language development
• Emergent writing through children’s dictation
• Listening and following directions from a CD 

Math Readiness

• Position and direction, sorting and classifying 
• Shapes and patterns
• Number sense, geometric solids
• Time and shape
• Measurement 

I AM SPECIAL’ Religion Program

  • Develop positive attitudes about themselves, their family, and friends by discovering and learning more about the many gifts, talents, and abilities that God has provided. 
  • Increase knowledge about the Church’s liturgical seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. 
  • Increase their knowledge about God and friendship with Jesus. 
  • Practice Christian actions towards others such as taking turns, listening, helping, waiting, caring, sharing, loving and thanking others.
  • Through stories, songs, finger plays, games, dramatizations, lesson-related prayers, and sensory activities, children can realize God’s love for them.