Sixth Grade Gold Grading Policy

Homework assignments will usually be given on a daily basis, and will be recorded in the student’s homework notepad. For the first three quarters, I will check and stamp each child’s homework pad daily. I ask that you check your child’s homework notepad, and match each assignment with the corresponding work. No parent signature is required unless requested by either you or myself. Homework is also listed daily on our website.

If a child can not complete homework or you notice that your child is spending more than one and a half hours on all work, please contact me. When homework is not done on time, the student will receive a reminder and the work it will be due the next school day.  Grade will drop one letter grade for each day homework is late. Three missing assignments (reminders) in two weeks will result in a detention.

When an absence from school occurs, missed work will be recorded, and the child will have one week from the return to school to complete missed assignments. It is the child’s responsibility to make sure all make up work is completed. Students will be graded in three catagories:

Student Grading

Summative Assessments




Research Papers




Check Points




Project/Report Steps

Homework Completion





My goal is to help the students become organized and responsible for their work so that they can perform to the best of their ability. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, complaints, or concerns! You can reach me through our website or my email address: ­