Second Grade Summer Packet

 Dear Parents,

     Hello!  My name is Catherine Massetti.  I am the 2nd grade teacher at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School.  On the following pages you will read about the summer work that your child will work on this summer.  Please have your 2nd grader do a little each day over the course of the summer.  This will benefit your child and show the best results.

     The summer work consists of reading and math work.  For math; please use the photo shown to make triangle flash cards.  These flash cards should show a math term called "Fact Families".  This is simply subtraction and addition.  Please notice closely the examples given.  Please make flash cards up to and including 20.  Use these throughout the summer.  If your child can master these facts, they will be own their way to a knowledgeable year in 2nd grade Math. There is also a "math" book that needs to be rented from the library.

     The remaining worksheets are to be used for the reading portion of this work packet.  Please choose 3 books from the following list.  These books may be rented from the Meriden library. The worksheet called StoryBoard and Character Chart should be downloaded and used after reading the 3 books your child has chosen.  

     All work should be brought into school during our first week back.

Please email me with any questions.  I will be checking my email all summer! I look forward to meeting my new class this Fall and working with you!


Catherine T. Massetti

The following list contains the Author names that are age appropiate for the Second grade.  There is one book listed that must be read to complete the math assignment for this summer packet.


1.Barbara Park

2.Marjorie Sharmat

3.Cynthia Rylant

4.Kate DiCamillo

5.Eve Bunting

6.Marc Brown

7. Peggy Rathman




Reading Worksheet 1

Reading Worksheet 2

Math Worksheet 1

Math Worksheet 2