Second Grade




Classroom News For  March

Religion- Our Sacrament of Reconciliation will take place on March 24th.  The class is reading stories from our school Bibles.  We are learning about Lent.  We will practice the steps for making our Reconciliation.  

Reading-This month the class will read, write and listen to Poetry.  We are reading our new trade book named"Betsy Who Cried Wolf". The illustrations are wonderful and the text quite comical.  We are going on adventures with the SUPERKIDS.  They recently spent a brave night in a museum.

 Spelling-  The class will get their spelling words and a pre-test on Mondays.  Pages named-"Back pack Pages" will be sent home each Monday.  These words will be studied during the week in school and should be looked over eac night for homework.  All words are related to our trade books, SUPER magazines and Superkids stories. Tests are every Friday unless you hear from me about a schedule change.  Children that pass a pretest with 100% correct do not take the test on Friday.

Math-We are regrouping in the tens place using addition and subtraction.

Science-This month we will study our Body systems.  We will also learn about nutrition, the food pyramid and how to make healthy choices.  Our school nurse will stop by and show us the germs on our hands that we are missing when we wash.  We will outline our bodies and place important organs in the correct spots.

Social Studies- The class is enjoying learning about our country's history.  we are finding out about Native Americans, our struggle with England, our first 13 colonies, Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.

Handwriting- The class will start learning proper formation of cursive handwriting.  We are discussing proper posture, sizing of letters and spacing.

Phonics- We are using contractions in phonics.  We are playing games with them, writing them  and finding them on our ipads.  We point them out in our readings and decide which words are part of a contraction.


Mrs. C. Massetti