Second Grade

Welcome to Grade 2

News for January




Classroom News For November

Religion- The class will begin to learn about their steps for Reconciliation.  They wiil learn and

Reading-We have started our chapter 2 in our Superkids reader and workbook.  The class has met a new Superkid named Alec.  They are excited to learn about him.  We will read our next chapter book,"Snowshoe Thompson".  This is our first non-fiction chapter book.

Spelling- Each Monday children will take a pre-test. These words will be studied each week in our Super magazine, the Superkids reader, our Superkids workbook, and our trade books.  Children that receive a 100% on the pretest will not need to take the required spelling test each Friday. A worksheet called "Backpack pages" will be sent home for homework during the week.  This page should be studied each week for profiency in spelling the weekly words.

Science- This month our study in Science will continue to explore physical science.  We will learn about forces.  This will include magnets, levers and simple machines.  The class will see how many classroom items fit into these catergories. Fun stuff!!

Social Studies- Unit 2 will teach us about Geography.  The class will use our classroom map and their own hands-on maps to learn about states, continents and landforms.  We will learn about our own great state.  The class will visit contintents through the internet and their book work and create booklets about landforms and oceans.

Phonics- Our third unit will focus on long vowel sound.  There are many ways to read a long vowel. I will teach the class about patterns, such as CVCe words and vowels that align with other vowels and cocnsonants.  We will use ipads and reading/phonics stations to focus on these many patterns.

Math- Our second unit will continue to focus on addition and subtraction.  We will go further in these areas and learn skills that will help us to add and subtract.  For Example: the use of doubles and a 10 frame.  These skiills will help us to think and learn about place value.

Oral Language- there has been a book report assigned.  It will be due at the end of November.  Each child is responsible for reading a chapter book.  They will construct a small project using a cereal box and share this report during classtime.

Great things happen each day in the 2nd grade!!

I am proud and happy to be with your children each day, they ask the most amazing questions.


Mrs. Massetti
















Handwriting- We begin with manuscript writing.  The children must properly form, space and size each letter. we use a handwriting book and I observe all of the writings we do everyday.

Cursive handwriting will be focused on next year in 2018.

Homework- There will be a homework assignment every night but Friday.  Homework will range from the above subjects.  All work is due the next day, unless there is a project assigned.  I will post a due date for projects{ex: book reports}.

Children will use a homework pad to help them in their daily assignments.

September will be a great first month!!


Mrs. Massetti














Social Studies- 




Mrs. C. Massetti