Second Grade

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News for September




Classroom News For  September

Religion- The class will read from the Bible everyday.  We are focusing on communities in the Church. The class has learned that we are all "People of God". We are one body in the eyes of the church.  We will learn our first new prayer for the year called, "The Morning Offering".  The children will recite this prayer everyday at the end of their religion class.

Reading-We will begin reading two books and one magazine.  Our first chapter book will be "Frog and Toad". The children will discuss vocabulary words for each chapter.  A vocabulary test will be administered at the end of each chapter book. There will be a writing  journal called "Book Talk" that will follow up each chapter they read.  The class will read about their friends the Superkids.  This is a chapter book.  This book will focus on phonics, spelling words, comprehension, grammar and writings that the children will accomplish each month.  The last type of reader will be non-fiction.  It is a magazine named "Super". There are splendid articles in this magazine.  The children will work on worksheets supporting the articles in this magazine.

Spelling- Each Monday children will take a pre-test. These words will be studied each week in our Super magazine, the Superkids reader, our Superkids workbook, and our trade books.  Children that receive a 100% on the pretest will not need to take the required spelling test each Friday. A worksheet called "Backpack pages" will be sent home for homework during the week.  This page should be studied each week for profiency in spelling the weekly words.

Science- This month will explore the world of Energy.  The class will learn about the 3 types of Energy.  We will read, touch and use labs to gather facts about energy. Yay!!!

Social Studies- The first unit's theme is Culture.  The class wil explore this term and how it applys to them.  We will also discuss customs and traditions and communities.  We will talk about and make the 3 types of communities: urban, rural and suburban.

Phonics- Our first unit will review beginning, ending and middle sounds. There will be a unit test on unit 1 this month.  Unit 2 will focus on short vowel sounds. There will be a unit test this month for unit 2.

Math- Our first unit will focus on addition and subtraction.  The class will hear and need to use vocabulary words such as;  joining, separating, comparing, connecting and problem solving in these two areas.  Our math series is as much about vocabulary words as it is about numbers.

Handwriting- We begin with manuscript writing.  The children must properly form, space and size each letter. we use a handwriting book and I observe all of the writings we do everyday.

Cursive handwriting will be focused on next year in 2018.

Homework- There will be a homework assignment every night but Friday.  Homework will range from the above subjects.  All work is due the next day, unless there is a project assigned.  I will post a due date for projects{ex: book reports}.

Children will use a homework pad to help them in their daily assignments.

September will be a great first month!!


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Mrs. C. Massetti