Welcome To Pre K 4


We are beginning our 7th unit in our readiness series.  The City Mouse and the Country Mouse will introduce many skills.  The children will identify brown, long, short, arrow, rectangle and identify categories.  The relationship between print and pictures will be understood and the letters O, o, P, p and Q, q will be introduced.  This unit will teach a lesson about simplicity and contentment.  The activities on our CD will become more complex as well.  The children will learn to distinguish between same and different words in sequence and we will begin to identify words that begin with same and different sounds.

In Religion, the children will focus on ways to work and play cooperatively with friends, celebrating friendship, and thanking God for friends.  

We hope that the weather will begin to cooperate for some extra long, much needed recess!!  

Please continue to do activites for letter and number recognition as well as writing names.  Remember for kindergarten readiness, your child should be capitalizing the first letter only.


Mrs. Julius