Welcome To Pre K 4


Hello Families, 

It's hard to believe it's fall and October is here!! 
 In our second unit, The Three Bears, the children are learning the concept of relative size (big, medium, and little), the term over, the color blue, and simple categorizing.  
Here are some specific skills we are learning.
  • handling a book and tracking from left to right and top to bottom
  • recognizing and naming the letters of the alphabet
  • drawing a line between two pictures
  • underlining and circling pictures
  • identifying and distinguishing between environmental sounds
  • knowing colors and shapes
  • understanding words such as over, under, on, and in
  • following oral directions
  • scissors will be introduced soon
The lifelong process of discovering and learning God's greatness and living in thanksgiving for all of God's gifts are two important goals implied by professing our Catholic faith and loving God with all our being.  We are discovering the wonderful world that God has created through our primary senses.  Through seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, and tasting, children experience firsthand a world that mirrors God's greatness, goodness, and love.  
Our story today told the children that Kelly, (the main character in our Religion series) was receiving a surprise from her family.   Ask your child what it was.  Here's a clue:  It's something small, soft, and makes noise.  (It is a kitten!)  Ask your child what Kelly named him and why.  (Butterscotch~ after her grandma's favorite candy)  Kelly's parents gave their daughter an opportunity to delight in her sense of touch!
November Pizza is due on October 25th.  On November 15th, there is a fried dough available but PreK does not participate in that.  
  • Please remember our Food Pantry Drive.  Any donations of cake mixes, dessert mixes, corn bread mixes and canned fruit will be greatly appreciated.  A box is outside our classroom.  Thank you so much.
I will be sending home an informal progress report next week.  PreK does not hold conferences at this time so this will give you an idea of their progress and areas to keep practicing.  If you have any questions, be sure to let me know.
The Spark Program is available next week due to the two half days.  (Wednesday and Thursday are 12:30 dismissals.  
Have a wonderful weekend !!!
Many blessings, 

Mrs. Julius


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