Welcome To Pre K 4


Another week has come and gone and PreK 4 is off to a great start.  The children have settled into a nice routine and are unpacking their things and coming to the rug in the morning.  They have enjoyed Art class, Music class, Gym class, and the Library as well.

We have begun our Reading Readiness program.  Each unit in Happily Ever After is based on a selection from children's literature.  These stories provide a thematic framework for the unit and a jumping-off point for the concepts and skills taught.
In Unit 1, children hear Little Red Riding Hood and learn the color red, the concepts of same and different, the terms under and across, and how to draw a line under and across.  
The children are enjoying their colorful storybook and activity pages!  I will send all of their work home upon completion of this unit.  
We have also begun our Religion program.  The first unit of the program is especially designed to help young children develop positive self-concepts, because God creates each person as a unique individual worthy of love and acceptance.  We have discovered our special and unique names, smiles and hands.  Thank you God, for our wonderful gifts from You!
The children are assigned a group color for activities when we split them up.  Ask your child if he or she is in the RED group or the YELLOW group!  
Girl's show and tell is Tuesday.  Please have them bring in something beginning with the letter C.  Also, to all the boys and girls, please bring in an item SMALL enough to fit in your backpack.  <img class="CToWUd" style="margin: 0px 0.2ex; max-height: 24px;" src="https://mail.google.com/mail/e/1f600" alt="