Welcome To Pre K 4


Our third readiness unit, La Tortuga, is coming home today in your child's folder.  As each unit comes home, please be sure to review the letters that are introduced along with letting them turn the pages and retell the story in their story booklet.   Most of the children are writing their names now, so please continue to practice name writing at home too.  

Our fourth unit is 'The Elves and the Shoemaker.'  In this unit the children will continue to draw a circle, match the colors yellow and green, sort items into categories and identify parts of a whole.  From the CD, the children will learn to distinguish soft from loud sounds and same and different words.  They will learn position words such as in, on, around and top, middle, and bottom.
We are learning that this is the Advent season and is a time for waiting.  Advent is the time of year we get ready to celebrate Jesus' birthday.  We 'lit' our second Advent candle this morning and said a special prayer.  
Dear God, 
     With your love bless our days in getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Help us to grow during Advent.  Help us to do kind things for one another.  And let these candles remind us of our love for You, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


I wish you all the many blessings of this Holy season.

Mrs. Julius 

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