Welcome to Grade 4

        June 2018 

     We have finally made it to June!  The entire year has gone by fast!  We continue to move full steam ahead until school ends on June 15th.  

     In reading, students continue to read a variety of stories of different genres.  They are reading realistic fiction stories and expository text stories. Students will be treated to the movie “Wonder.”   I have been reading  this book to students in class.  It will be interesting to see how the book compares to the movie.     Students will continue to work on fractions.  We will also continue to drill multiplication and division facts to get ready for 5th grade.          

      Students are learning about the great State of Connecticut.  They are studying about the geography, land forms, famous places, economy, history and the government of Connecticut.  Students are learning about the state symbols and will create lovely posters highlighting the information.

       In religion, we are working  on the Family Life series.  This series addresses many important personal, family and emotional issues that students can relate to.  Students also participated in the Lures Program that addresses stranger danger.  

      It has been a wonderful year!  Students are ready for 5th grade.  Have a great summer!  Mrs. Heffter-Grade 4


Some important dates to remember in June are:

 June 12-Move up day

June 13-12:30 dismissal

June 14-12:30 dismissal

June 15-10:30 dismissal