Happy New Year!  Wow, 2018 already.  Fourth grade has many things to accomplish during the rest of the year.  

    The students continue to read a variety of fiction and nonfiction stories. They will be starting the new year by reading a play.  This will help them with their oral fluency. They are practicing their writing skills using correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation and spelling.

    In math students continue to memorize their division facts.  They will also be  moving on to more complex multiplication problems. They will be multiplying two digit by two digit multiplication problems.  In science, students will be studying the human body and the key to good health.  In social studies, students will finish up studying about the Southeast Region  of the United States. Students will be learning about the Beatitudes in religion.  

    Catholic Schools Week will take place during the month of January.  There will be many fun activities during that week to celebrate our Catholic Schools, stay tuned!  The first week will start with movie day on Friday.  Each teacher will show a movie in the classroom.  Students will pick the movie of their choice.

Mrs. Heffter

Grade 4