It’s the beginning of March.  The second term of school ends on March 6th.  Report cards will be distributed on Wednesday, March 15th.

     Students completed research reports on the President of their choice.  Students presented them to the class.  They were very interesting.

     Students continue to read a variety of stories of different genres.  They are working on expanding their vocabulary and using their comprehension skills of fact and opinion, main idea and details, graphic resources and inference to improve their reading.  Students have been reading a variety of poems.  Students wrote their own limericks that will be displayed on the hallway bulletin board.

     In math, students are working on two digit by two digit multiplication.  This is a challenging skill.  Students will be moving onto division soon.  Students have mastered multiplication and division facts to 12.

     In science, students are studying about the systems of the human body.  They have learned many interesting things about how the human body works.  They are learning about proper nutrition and exercise.    In social studies, students are studying about the Midwest Region of the United States.     In religion students will be hosting the first Friday Mass for the month of March.  They have been practicing their parts for the Mass.  Hosting the  Mass helps students gain confidence in their speaking skills. This is the beginning of Lent students created crosses writing and illustrating what sacrifices they will make during this season.

This is a busy time in 4th grade!


Mrs. Heffter