See What's Happening In Our Class....




 We have been busy in fourth grade.  

          In reading we continue to read a wide variety of stories both fiction and nonfiction.  We are reading about Yosemite National Park.  This is an important story because it showcases one of our most beautiful natural resources, our National Parks. Students continue to work on their writing and comprehension skills that go with the stories.   We are working on  main idea and details. Soon we will move on to cause and effect, drawing conclusions and recognizing fact and opinion.  Students are also supplementing their reading by reading a chapter book.  Students are enjoying “Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger.” 

     In math, we are working on the meaning of multiplication and will continue to work on our math facts.    We are working on problem solving and identifying the correct operation in each problem.  We will be moving onto division.

     In social studies, we are studying about the government and the 3 branches of government.  Students are learning how the government operates on the local, state and national level. We will be moving on to studying about the regions of the United States.  We will be starting with the Northeast Region. Students will be learning about the geography, economy, people and history of each region.  In science, students are studying about different forms of energy.  Students are learning about heat energy and will be moving  on to light, and  sound energy.  In religion, students are learning about the importance of making good choices, and Jesus as our Role Model.  Students created portraits of Jesus for our bulletin board.   

     Students have a term project due on November 17th.  Students will make a board game.  Students will present and play each game in class.  The first term of school ends on November 28th. 


Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Mrs. Heffter