Welcome to our class!

      We are in the second week of school and into the month of September.

We are beginning work in all subject areas.  In reading, we will be reading a variety of different stories.  We are presently reading “Because of Winn-Dixie,” a realistic fiction story. Students will be reading historical fiction stories using different comprehension skills to improve comprehension.  Students will also be learning about the four types of sentences.  Students will work on improving their oral fluency.  Students are practicing this skill daily.

     In math, students will be  learning about place value.  They will be  writing numbers in standard, expanded and word form.  Students will also be comparing and ordering numbers, and rounding numbers.  Students are hard at work learning their multiplication facts to 12.  Students enjoy drilling the facts in class. Memorizing these facts is an important part of 4th grade.

     In science, students will be learning about matter and the 3 states.  In social studies, students will be learning about landforms in the United States and sharpening their map skills.    In religion, students are reviewing their prayers and proper behavior in church.  They are also reading about creation, and reviewing the Blessed Trinity.  

    This year students will be working on improving how they work together in groups.  We will be doing a variety of activities that address working together and accepting everyone’s differences.  Cooperative learning will be a year long project.

    Students are adjusting to classroom and school routines and rules.  It is a very busy time.  There is lots to learn and do this first month of the school year.


Mrs. Heffter-Grade 4