Happy spring!  The year is flying by fast!  As a term project students created illustrated picture books.  Students will be sharing them with the class next week.  

    Students continue to read a variety of stories of different genres.  They are working on expanding their vocabulary and using their comprehension skills of fact and opinion, main idea and details, graphic resources and inference to improve their reading.  

  In math, students are working on long division.  This is a challenging skill.  They are also practicing their math facts and reviewing for Iowa Testing which will take place next month.

    In science, students are studying about plants.  Students did an experiment with growing seeds.  They put seeds in a clear cup surrounded by damp paper towels.  The seed coats are splitting and the leaves are beginning to emerge. It gives them first hand experience how seeds turn into plants.

    In social studies, students are studying about the Southwest Region of the United States.  Students spent time preparing for Easter Sunday.  Students attended Stations of Cross that was put on by other students in the school.  In religion they will also be learning about how to live according to God’s Will and will also explore how they can help others.  We are planning a play date with our buddy class (PreK-3).  This will take place on  Rainbow Day on April 19th.  Both classes will wear the color green.  It will be a fun time.



Mrs. Heffter