Grade 4

        October 2018

      We are now in the month of October.  Students are settling into the routines of 4th grade.  Students are reading a variety of stories, of fiction and nonfiction stories using a a variety of comprehension strategies.  Presently, students are learning about literary elements, character, setting and plot.  Students are also reading “26 Fairmount Avenue” by Tomie DePaola.  Students love reading about their hometown from Tomie DePaola’s point of view.  Students learned about time capsules this month and created their own.  They decorated a paper towel tube and filled it with a small item of their choice, their academic goal for the year and how tall they are.  They will open them in June.  It was a fun activity.

      Students have been using the chrome books.  They have learned to send emails to their teacher, create a word document in google docs and work on some math websites.  They are also learning about digital citizenship.

       Students  worked on writing Halloween poems and stories. They read a variety of poems and created their own.  These will be displayed on the bulletin board outside of the classroom.  They created pictures to go with the writing. 

     In math, students are finishing rounding and estimation,  and money and will be moving onto  adding and subtracting large whole numbers.  They will also be practicing their problem solving skills.  Students continue to work on memorizing their multiplication facts, they are up to the 8 times table.

     Students are studying about forces, motion and energy in science and the regions of the United States in social studies.  

     In religion, students are working on memorizing and understanding the Ten Commandments.  

     Fourth graders will meet with their buddies in PreK 3. We are planning on doing a Halloween activity together.  


Mrs. Heffter