First Grade Homework

In first grade we are always practicing! Homework is the responsibility of the student (with assistance at home). The Archdiocesan standards state that homework should take up to 20 minutes, but no longer than 30 minutes per night. Please have writing materials, coloring supplies, scissors, and glue available at home to complete the packets.

Students will receive Homework Packets on Monday!  The cover of the homework packet has information for the week on a snippet of a calendar as well as class updates.  Completed homework is due the Friday of the same week.

Weekly Homework Packet Includes: 
Reading Log: READ, READ, READ…I ask that you READ and LOG at least 2-4 books weekly!

Spellers Choice Menu: Please practice spelling words nightly! If your child can read these words, challenge them to work on spelling them correctly. This will help in daily writing in school. Please visit to access our lists of the week and play additional spelling and vocabulary games.  Students should log in with usernames and passwords that were given at the beginning of the year.  PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP IF YOU CANNOT LOG ON TO THE SITE. 

Math: Students will have weekly math practice covering concepts that we are studying.  Students will always have math work with concepts that were already introduced in class! There will not be math in the homework packet that we have not learned about!

Additional Activities: In addition to the routine activities in our packet, enriching activities may be included to complement our units of study.  I like to include fun and hands on activities in some packets that engage the students in simple games at home!