Fifth Grade Math Summer Work

Math Summer Work Grade 5 (2016-2017)

  • Assignment #1: You will make a double bar graph showing the high and & low temperatures for one full week of the summer. Please use a ruler and two colors to distinguish the high temperatures from the low temperatures.
  • Assignment #2: Keep track of the amount of money you spend on either ice cream or candy during the time period between June 22nd and August 22nd and then find the average amount spent on those items.
  • Assignment #3: You will make a line graph for two consecutive weeks, this summer, plotting the time you woke up each day.
  • Assignment #4: Find and cut out of newspapers, magazines, and other sources, the price of ten different items. Write down the advertised price and then next to it, write down the price rounded to the nearest dollar.
  • Assignment #5: Make a multiplication chart with 1 through 12. Study these often.