Friday, November 17, 2017


Religion- Work on Saint Report/ project- paper due 11/21- projects due 11/27

*Posada essays- apply to be Mary, Joseph, or an Inn Keeper -due 11/27 (short and sweet) (Posada will take place December 6, 6:00 PM)

Literature- Read novel Old Yeller and work on study guide for novel. test on Friday, December 1, 2017. Challenge report- Read a book of your choice (parent and teacher approved) and write a report using the skills learned in literature class. (see notes.)

LA-  wb p. 132 & 133 Test next Tuesday on chpt. 22

Vocabulary- cards chp. 4 due Friday

Math- none

Science- none

History- Write 1-2 paragraphs indentifying entreprenuers during the Industrial Revolution

Geography- choose 2 questions to do from pg.59

Spanish-  write Thanksgiving words 2 times in Spanish and 1 time in English and choose a verb to conjugate from that list

Art- questions