Thursday, March 22, 2018


Religion- Do Acts of kindness./ practice lent obligations

Literature- Read novel Hatchet and work on study guide for novel. test on Friday, April 6, 2018. Challenge report- Read a book of your choice (parent and teacher approved) and write a report using the skills learned in literature class. (see notes.) Shakespeare project for Advanced students.

LA- wb p. 79/80 Begin work on Deptula essay- due April 3, graduation reflection essay- due May 7, and What Mary Means to Me essay- April 23

*Bring lap tops if possible for year book (We can use chrome books) Monday, March 26

Vocabulary- cards chp. 8

Math- none

Science- none

History- slide show due Friday-Monday

Geography- none

Spanish- Choose an artist to paint. Possession test on Friday. Oral presentation/composition on school due Friday. 

Art-  none