Monday, January 16, 2018

Note- Picture Day forms went home today.  Be sure to share with parents.


Religion-. Do Acts of kindness. Work on unit review. (Class time will be provided.)

Literature-  Read novel  The Giver or A  Wrinkle in Time and work on study guide for novel. test on Friday, February 2, 2018. Begin memorizing our Robert Frost Poem "The Road Not Taken".  This can be found in our anthology or on line. Recite it or write it before the end of the month. (Remember it for a lifetime! )Challenge report- Read a book of your choice (parent and teacher approved) and write a report using the skills learned in literature class. (see notes.) 

LA- Study for test tomorrow and correct essay

Vocabulary- none

Math- none

Science- none

History- finish test

Geography- none

Spanish- Study for quiz, ex. A and B in the packet and conjugate abrir

Art- Look up on youtube- "Charcoal Pencil Drawing lesson"