November News in Grade 8


November is often called “Harvest Time”.  This is no less true in 8th grade.  We will be very busy harvesting our elementary school days in preparation for high school.

Here are a few high lights for the month:

November 1- Holy Day Mass led by grade 8 at 9:15- all are welcome!

November 3- First Friday Mass- 9:15 and novel test for The Outsiders

November 7-No School- faculty meeting for NEASC

November 9- 12:30 dismissal (Teacher Retreat)

November 10- Veterans Day- No School

November 17- School-wide Rosary at 2:00- all are welcome!

November 22- 12:30 dismissal for Thanksgiving break

November 23-26-Thanksgiving break

November 27- 9:30 Advent Prayer Service

November 28- 1st term ends and Play at Mercy High School



In the classroom, we are very busy with our academics!

 In religion, we are studying the “Growth of Christendom”.  Students are learning many interesting facts about our Church history.  Students are also working to complete their community service hours. We will be doing may special activities for the Advent season which begins on 11/27.


In literature, we are finishing our novels for the month.  Students are reading The Outsiders. We will soon be reading “The Diary of Anne Frank” in class. The students always enjoy playing the different roles in the play and learning what it must have been like to be in hiding. The “Big Question” in this unit is: Is it our differences or similarities that matter most? This will continue our study of the Holocaust. Our new anthology is challenging but has many interesting selections.  We are all adjusting well and developing excellent reading skills. Ask the students to tell you about our reading challenges.  So many of our students are well above average in their reading levels that we are now adding high school materials.


In language arts, we just completed persuasive essays entitled “Recognizing Violence and Promoting Peace.” This is a contest sponsored by the Maryknolls.   We hope to have a winner from OLMCS! Many weeks we write essays connected to our religion chapter.  The writing skills of our 8th grade students are becoming quite impressive! We continue to polish our grammar skills, and we work daily on building our vocabulary.

It looks like November is going to be another excellent month for the class of 2018!