January News in Grade 8


Happy New Year!  Welcome 2018 to the class of 2018


What an exciting time for our 8th grade class! There is so much to look forward to in the coming months.  Here are a few reminders for January:

January 2- Classes resume

January 3- Fr. G. will visit the 8th grade

January 5- Novel test for Charlotte Doyle/ First Friday       ----Mass-9:15- Honor Roll announced for term 1/Movie Day

January 12- Read-a-thon

January 15- MLK holiday- no school

January 17- Cap and Gown photos

January 19-Art Day and rosary at 2:00

January 26- Fitness Fun Friday

January 28- Catholic School Mass and open house- 10:00 ----Students should attend in uniform.

(FYI- The First Friday Mass- February 2 at 9:15- will be hosted by grade 8- All are welcome.)



In the classroom we will be mid-point for term 2.  This is a crucial report card because many of the high schools use this one to determine acceptance and/or placement. 


Religion-We will soon be completing a Church History unit. Next we will be studying Family Life.  We are focusing on God’s Gift of Self, discussing our personal gifts and talents.

In addition, we will be doing many fun activities in connection with Catholic Schools Month.


Literature- Students should be finishing their novel True Confessions  of Charlotte Doyle.  For January’s novel, students will be reading The Giver which is a fictional story. In class, we are enjoying a “Read-aloud” selection entitled Fish in a Tree.  This is a wonderful true story about a dyslexic girl.  This book fits nicely with our “Inclusion”theme.  In our anthology, we are focusing on the “Big Question” Is it our similarities or differences that matter most?  Students enjoyed the play about Anne Frank. Along with other related stories.We are beginning the process of memorizing Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken”.  As you can see, we are not wasting any time!


Language Arts-

In December we began letter writing lessons. Students wrote to Santa to apply for a job at the North Pole. Students will also be applying for the job of “Principal for a Day”. Father Dave will be “hiring” one student to take the place of Mrs. Chodkowski for a day during Catholic Schools Week at the end of the month. We are also writing thoughtful thank you letters for all those wonderful Christmas gifts they received. In addition, we will be doing short essays based on various “Story Starters” that the students pick from a basket.  In grammar, we are working with adjectives and adverbs to help bring our writing to life.  Several vocabulary games will be used this month to aid in studying our bi-weekly lessons. We are connected to a website called Vocabulary.com.  We compete against other schools around the country.  3rd place is our best spot so far?  Hopefully it will be an enjoyable and productive month.


I would like to wish everyone a blessed new year!