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Bus Request Forms

Pre-K 4 Bus Request Form

Kindergarten through Grade 8 Bus Request Form

From the City of Meriden Manager of Transportation, Ken Dubin

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School has greatly appreciated the long-standing efforts of our school bus drivers to carefully monitor our young students. The drivers have made every effort to assure that if a parent typically meets the bus in the afternoon to accompany a kindergarten student home and fails to be present unexpectedly, that the student would be returned to the school for safety sake. The faculty, staff, and parents of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School kindergarten students have been grateful for this practice.

In the past, two incidents occurred in Meriden where kindergarten students were left alone at the bus stop. The Meriden Board of Education clarified for us that the city’s policy is that a kindergarten student (or any student) can be left at the bus stop regardless if an adult is present or not. Although the Meriden Board of Education policy is in place, many of the drivers of the bus company have exercised, and will likely continue to exercise good judgment regarding student safety. It is the responsibility of the parents to meet their child at the bus stop. In the event that the student gets off the bus, the driver can leave the student without an adult present. However, given that not all drivers have knowledge about their students, especially if the driver is serving as a substitute driver, the Meriden Board of Education urges parents to teach their young children to request that the driver return them to school for any reason, but especially if the child expects to be greeted by a parent or caretaker at the bus stop and the person is not present. It is important that the student make this request clearly and promptly to the driver before exiting the school bus. The student will be returned to the school, and an attempt will be made to contact the family immediately.

Please reinforce this safety plan for afternoon bus stop procedures with your child at home. We will make every reasonable attempt to reinforce those expectations, when appropriate, at school. We recognize that there are likely to be many different approaches to this situation, and that some families have opted to avoid these difficult decisions by enrolling their student daily in the Spark Program.  We also would like to remind parents that they should be at the bus stop waiting for their child between 2:50-3:30 (2:20 dismissal on Thursdays). In the event of a substitute driver, the route taken may be different. The bus company has notified us that it is the parent’s responsibility to be at the bus stop during these times, despite the fact that the bus usually arrives at a specific time each day.

Please contact Mrs. Sita or Dr. Frechette if you have any questions.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful students with our school community!