Weekly Quick Hits 10.6.17

Oct 12 2017

Dear OLMC Family,

Happy October! This week's Quick Hits, although a little late, contain important updates, so please read them carefully!

We are currently in the midst of our LYMAN ORCHARD'S PIES/COOKIE DOUGH fundraiser! This fundraiser is in the perfect timing to get your pies for Thanksgiving! If you need any additional information, our Chair for this event is Catherine Gallo, who may be reached at: cverab@sbcglobal.net

You'll also notice a special event this Wednesday, October 11th! It is the first ever OLMC JUMP-A-THON, to be held during class recess times! Pledge a minute (or 10, or 30!) for your child to jump, and all proceeds will benefit the 8th Grade Graduation Fund! See the Hits for more details!

***FINAL REMINDER: Tuesday, October 10th begins our fall/winter uniform. For all the details, please refer to our Parent/Student Handbook on the website. Some important notes include: no more sneakers or Sperry shoes, no more shorts, and no more polo shirts. Merrell shoes ARE permitted, for boys and girls, along with the boys' black oxford tie shoes and tan bucks, girls' maryjanes or tan bucks (K-5), and black, brown, or navy flats (6-8 only).

If you haven't gotten a chance to "LIKE" OLMC School on Facebook or Instagram, please do! You'll see many special moments in the form of photos, videos, and words, all featuring our precious children!

Please enjoy a safe, happy long Columbus Day Weekend. Spend time with those you love. I look forward to seeing you all back on Tuesday morning!

God bless,
Mrs. C

Weekly Quick Hits 10.6.17

Trunk or Treat 

Clothing Drive